CO2 / Carbon Dioxide / R744 / Transcritical / Cascade Refrigeration Training for Operators

Randy Williams and GCAP CoolCast team provides education for ammonia refrigeration / carbon dioxide refrigeration / steam boilers / and PSM/RMP Compliance.  Our spectrum of training is customized toward the quick start with no experience to the seasoned technician.

A Well trained operator should know how to maintain and operator the plants equipment in the most efficient manner while keeping safety in mind.  Demonstrating competence and knowledge as well as best engineering practices.  GCAP supplies training for over 600 different companies throughout the world.  We believe keeping up the industries  technology is the key to our success when when we promote GCAP’s hand on training labs.

Mission Statement: Enhance the technology, efficiency, safety, and educate the industrial technician through commitment.

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GCAP is the only Private Industrial Ammonia / Carbon Dioxide / Steam / PSM Technical School and is recognized as one of the top premier programs in the U.S. Without the help of the Industry and End Users we would not be rated number one!  Let us be your partner in training and work through any refrigeration, boiler, regulations, safety, and code problems that you might have at your facility.